Using a Bilingual Dictionary to Expand Topic Model Training Data

After being interested in foreign languages and computer science for some time, I wanted to try a project related to both subjects. The purpose of this project was to try and find a way to artificially increase the amount of tr... More


Elmhurst College offers a one-month research experience course to give students exposure to the research project. In my group we studied the escape behavior of ants under stress. While our experimental design was well intention... More

GPGPU Programming and P-Systems

One summer I had the opportunity to do General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) Programming. We worked on various problems to determine if they were “parallelizable” and compared the runtime between solutions running on... More

Big Owen’s Data Dash

In summer 2018, I did an REU at North Carolina University called Socially-Relevant Computing and Analytics. Working in the Game2Learn lab, I worked with another undergraduate student to develop Big Owen’s data dash, an educatio... More

Building Weighted Graph from an Image of an Environment

This project investigates using an aerial image of an environment to create a bidirectional weighted graph that can be used to navigate that environment. Originally, I only started this project only because really wanted to lea... More